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Saturday, August 05, 2006


It was early in the morning, the April sun was just coming up on the sky, to give life to the early flowers and warmth for the bulbs in the ground whose green was already peaking out as to say "I am curious of the world around here".
She sat on the stairs leading to the little plateau, which they affectionately called the "den". She stare at the early flowers in the meticulously planned rock garden.
The time that was spent in the garden was apparent, the color coordination was perfect.
If life could be this perfect she mused.
She started out of the garden, I better hurry she thought.
One last glance and she was gone.
She loved her garden there she felt the closest to God.
She wasn't looking forward to riding on the crowded street car, but it had to be done.

From: Kati,

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